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The Hedge Fund List

Hedge Funds are buying real estate nationwide! We’ve compiled an exclusive list of Hedge Funds that specialize in real estate investing for both residential and commercial.

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Growth Hedge Fund List

Why Sell To Hedge Funds?

Hedge Funds Can Pay From 95-110% Of The After Repair Value (ARV)

This translates into higher commissions and assignment fees, when compared to individual buyers.

The Hedge Fund List

Four Ways To Buy!

Bronze List

150 Domestic Hedge Funds

Silver List

300 Domestic Hedge Funds

Gold List

500 Domestic Hedge Funds + Marketing Package

Platinum List

1,100+ Domestic & Foreign Hedge Funds + Marketing Package

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Handpicked & Vetted List Of Hedge Funds


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Hedge Funds Represent A Pinnacle Of Wealth And Sophistication, Making Them Exceptional Clients For Anyone In The Real Estate Sector. They Are Lucrative Partners For Commerical Deals Or Single Family Turnkey Or Distressed Assets.

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